Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Fashion Inspiration

I was recently looking through all of the new clothes on the MissGuided website and lemme tell you – They have some really nice bits and pieces on there. Whilst I was scrolling through them with my mad dreamy heart eyes, I just knew that I had to put them in a blogpost and share some of their best bits with you all. This is only a select few so, if I was you I’d head over to the website after reading this (be prepared to burn a big hole in your pocket). Ready? Lets go!!

I absolutely LOVE this embroidered mesh crop top. It’s gorgeous. I’ve been noticing recently that this kind of floral print is everywhere. Obviously, the floral print has been around since before us, our mums and our nans were born (haha). Yet, I’ve noticed that this floral print seems to be drawing on twigs, stems and leaves as opposed to the actual flower but itself. It definitely seems to be more Autumnal inspired (crazy I know but, all the sales are getting rid of summer clothes for cough cough AUTUMN WHAT!!!). Of course, it’s still a crop top and it’s still very summery but, I think it’s something you could wear all year round. I like how the model has paired it with a plain black bralet – I would definitely do the same. For the bottoms, I would find a faux leather skirt in the green/yellow shade that the stems have – It would look so amazing.

Ah, I really do start thinking of all sorts of amazing outfits when I see wrap over mesh trousers. Luckily, they do come with the knicker underlay so you would never be worrying about that side of it – From there you just need a pretty bralette or vest top and you’re sorted. The one thing that I love about these mesh trousers (something that other types are missing) is how there’s a slit up the leg of them, it gives them more of a “swishy” look which I think would look great as you were dancing on a night out. You could put sparkles and glitter over your legs and every so often, you would get the glimmer from them – It would look amazing. The belt is such a good idea, I really think it adds a statement to the outfit and helps to provide a block between the trousers and the top, adding to the contrast of the outfit. If you zoom in you will see just how beautiful the belt is – I need it in my life right now.

I know that this bralette may just look like your typical lace bralette but hold with me, holdddd with me. You may have noticed that it’s longer than your typical bralette and if you have noticed that, then you’re right. I love that the added extra length of it really helps to create an impact to the look as you’ve got more lace against bare skin which is always such a nice look. The plunging neckline and the skinny straps really give off a classy look – It could easily be very over the top but it’s been designed in a very simplistic way. My idea with this was that it would look amazing on a shorter person – Of course, it’s designed for a taller person so can you imagine it as a full length bralette (Just to set the record straight – I’ve never seen a full length bralette (EVER).  Wow, I’m glad I’ve finished talking about that – I feel like I’ve said “bralette” about a million times. Not an overexageration, okay.

I’ve only just realised how nice the skirt and the “like no other” top would look together. It would be such a simple and casual outfit yet, it would still look ever so nice and stylish. The blue denim has such a nice hue to it, it’s almost like the perfect shade of denim. It’s bright but, in a natural and worn in way. The fact that it’s distressed really helps in keeping with the worn in and casual vibes. There is a lot of rips across the skirts which in some cases, I find ruins it and makes it look overdone BUT the designers have really nailed this one on the head. You could definitely wear the top with the skirt, you could either: tuck it in, tie it with a knot at the side or even tie it with a knot at the front. There’s multiple ways to style it. I know it may look like the flowers/twigs are embroidery but, in actual fact they’re graphics. When I read that in the description, it made me like the top more. Everything has embroidery across it nowadays and I do really like it BUT sometimes it’s good to change it up a little bit. The other thing that I really like is the font of the writing, I like how it’s big, bold and quite officey. Officey is definitely not a word (haha) – I’m hoping you understand what I mean.

Okay, so the pink shorts and bralette are pyjamas but, I think you could definitely get away with it as an outfit on holiday or to a festival. Nonetheless, as a pyjama set – It’s absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know if I’m the only one (I’m sure I’m not) but, I feel so much better when I’m in a pair of matching pyjamas, especially when they’re cute ones like these. Even if you’re home alone and no one is going to see you in them, there’s something about a nice pair of pyjamas that puts you in a good mood and makes you want to get cosy and watch a movie. These are exactly those kind of PJs. Ahh, out of everything I’ve shown you so far I honestly think I want these the most. I know the saying is “A girl can never have too many shoes”. Well, I think “A girl can never have too many pyjamas” – You can’t go wrong.

What was that about saving the best until last? Uh huhhhh, I totally went there and I defineltely (by far) saved the best till’ last. I honestly can’t get over these oversized tortoise shell glasses. I mean – Look at the lens for starters, it’s a mixture of copper, bronze and gold; It’s the perfect shade. The contrast between the lens and the tortoise shell pattern is perfect, it flows so effortlessly. The final feature of these glasses that I love is the transition from the tortoise shell pattern to the plain black. So effortless. So chic.

I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe it’s given you some inspiration and if it has – My job here is done. I really can’t wait to start building a new wardrobe up and looking at clothes online has really been giving me ideas for the direction I want to take my wardrobe in.

Anyway, have a great week and thank you for reading.

See you next Tuesday.

C x

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