Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Life Update

I haven’t sat down and wrote for this blog in such a long time. I still feel as though I have a blog, a blog that I’m not actually creating content for but, nonetheless still a blog. I do in fact want to start creating for this blog again. With it being the beginning of a new year it is probably the best time for me to start creating again – To start documenting my journey through 2018 and onwards.

I’ve been thinking a lot at the moment, about writing in particular. I have realised just how scared and special writing is to me. I love to draw and to read and make things but, without a doubt – Writing is my most favourite form of art and so, it makes sense for me to try and challenge that and grow with it. I have realised that the topics I was discussing on this blog are not the best way for me to challenge my writing. Of course, I love clothes and jewellery and skin care BUT it’s a very structured form of writing and it’s definitely not my favourite topics to write about.

I want to talk about growth and goals and spirituality – Things that get my heart beating and my tummy fluttering. I want to write about the things that are most important to me and I feel that writing about these things are the best way for me to challenge myself. I also want to write about and document my journey in this world, talk about my highs and my lows; The things that make me happy and the things that make me sad. Talking about the texture of my favourite jumper and the patterns on my favourite shoes is not the right thing for me to talk about.

What I’m trying to say is that I am going to create content for this blog but, I’m going to create it as and when I want too. That might mean not posting for a month or posting every single day for a month. That’s the great thing about writing – You do it as and when you want too, not because you feel like you need to.

I am very excited that I have finally figured out what I want to do with this blog. Yes, it’s going to be all over the place but, I’m a little all over the place and I am definitely okay with that.

I hope to speak to you soon but, until that time – I hope that you are well and happy new year (even if it is nine days late).