Monday, 26 June 2017

Life Update

I’m currently sat out in the sun; bikini top and straw hat on. I’m on a camping trip but, by the time I post this it’ll be a week and a half in the past. I’m having the best time, the weather is absolutely gorgeous. It’s been sooooo hot, I honestly feel like I’m abroad. I’ve been wandering around with my little straw hat and a glass of prosecco, dipping my feet in streams and feeling the soft grass against my bare feet. It’s not hard to see why people love living out in the country; it’s relaxing and you’re at one with nature. Really, what more do you need?

Right now, it’s eight o’clock at night and I’m sat under a tree. If it wasn’t for my laptop, I’d feel like I was in a completely different century as all I’m surrounded by is fields. There’s even been wild horses and ponies galloping through the valleys. “Through the valleys” haha, I had a proper farmers voice in my head when I wrote that. I wish that I could put into words just how incredible my view is right now. I wish that you could see the image in your mind so, I’m gonna give describing it a good go. There’s a huge hill in front of me but, it fits perfectly into the landscape. It’s like a giant has got a huge shovel and dumped a load of soil on the ground and patted it down with his hands to give it an effortless slope. Trees of all different shapes and sizes sit along the hill – They create black silhouettes against the blue sky. Finally, is the burning fireball that is the sun – It’s just starting to set behind the hill, it’s waving goodbye to the day before allowing the stars to say “Hello” to the night.

Okay, okay – Enough of me trying to describe the view, it’s probably time that I said hey. I created this blog nearly two months ago (I think) and I still haven’t sat down and introduced myself and given a little update on my life. Now that I’m completely relaxed, I thought that it would be the perfect time. So, hi. My names Chloe and I’m eighteen. I set up this blog because I really, really want a career in fashion BUT it’s about baby steps and writing a blog from home (or a field) seemed like the perfect first step.

I’ve had a lot of change in my life recently but, change can be a good thing. The more you embrace it, the more of a chance you’ve got of it being a good thing. So, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

About four weeks ago, I started a new job and so far; I absolutely love it. My official job role is a “Style Consultant” which makes me very happy. I am now one step closer to achieving my dreams. I’ve learn a lot in my short time there, mostly how to deal with customers and also how to get a sale.  I’ve also learnt a lot about the money side of it, in terms of setting profit targets to reach and the turnover. I will go a lot more into detail about this but, I want to leave it a few months and write a completely separate blog post about it.

I’ve also recently been through a break up, I don’t want to talk about the relationship/break up itself too much but, what I will say is that I’ve dealt with it a lot better than I ever thought I could. I’ve also seen independence and self-love as two very important things that everyone should have so naturally, I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to really focus on myself and allow myself to grow as a young adult. This is such a crucial point in my life and I really do need to be my main priority. I’m honestly really excited to see what this change in my life brings; my main focus for life at the moment is to have fun and begin my career. This is also something that needs a separate post but again, I will come to that in a few months.

What else have I been doing? Quite a lot actually. I went on a day trip to “Lake Vyrnwy” and “Bala” nearly two weeks ago which was so nice. I’ve never been there before and I seriously recommend that you go if you’ve never been. There’s some amazing views as well and a day in nature is a day well spent. I also went for a tour around “Anfield” (Liverpool’s stadium) as I got into football about eight months ago and they became my club. Honestly, I find it so funny that I actually like football. I used to laugh at people that refereed to their club as “we” and were really enthusiastic about it but now; I know about corners, free kicks, off side – All that jazz. Like, I’m actually upset that football isn’t on in summer. What has happened to me? Haha. On top of all of that, I’ve been spending a lot of time with myself which is nice because I feel reconnected to myself. I feel like myself again which is the nicest feeling.

So yeah, lots of stuff has been going on and changes are still going on which means lots of writing. I’m in a very positive mindset right now which means lots of happy go lucky kinda blog posts are going to be heading your way very soon. I really enjoyed writing this so, I’m definitely going to start writing more chill style posts when I get the chance. I hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings and thank you so much for doing so.

See you on Tuesday,

Chloe x



  1. I'm also such a fan of the countryside. I find the most clarity there. And I used to work in fashion - it's so different to any other sort of 'retail' job - you really do learn so so much!

    Sharni // A Girl & Grey

    1. The countryside is such a lovely place to be! Yeah it's amazing :) I will check your blog out, I love the name x

  2. Ah I just love the countryside. It is so calming to get away from the city every now and then and this post has reminded me how badly I want to go camping this summer!!!

    Rae | LFB Blogazine

  3. Me too!! It's so cheap, just grab a tent, find a field and you'll have the best few days :)

  4. The photos look amazing, especially that first sunset! I'm not a countryside person but the view is to die for. x Nikita Followed you on Bloglovin! x

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Thank you so much :) Honestly, the photos do it very little justice - It was so amazing. Have a great week x