Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Get the look: Polyvore

When I was about thirteen, I used to write fan-fictions (haha). Honestly, they are so funny for me to read back. Anyway, the thing that I used to enjoy the most about writing fan-fictions was making outfits for characters using polyvore. So, I decided that I'd use polyvore to create some of my dream outfits and to also give you a bit of inspiration. I had so much fun doing this and I really hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them.

                                                                    Black and Red

I love this outfit SO much. I think that all black outfits pretty much always look amazing but adding a pop of colour, such as red can really make all the difference and give your outfit a bit of edge. I kept this outfit simple with black skinny jeans and also a simple black crop top. I haven't gone for excessive jewellery as jewellery wasn't the thing that I wanted to make a statement. The statement items I've chosen are the patent block heels (I need them in my life right now) and of course, the read leather jacket. I have one very similar to this and I like to style it over my shoulders instead of wearing it like an actual jacket. I love the little Gucci clutch, I think it's beautiful. I wanted it to have a pop of red so that there was a theme running through this outfit.

If I was going to wear this outfit anywhere, it would be for a city break in London. I can imagine shopping in this outfit. I love it.


I love, love, love this look. I wanted to keep it really casual and basic, hence the lack of jewellery. It's a very simple outfit but I also think it's still really stylish. I love the colour of the jumper as well as the knit, it looks heavy and really good quality. I think it would fit well. The skirt is my favourite part about this look, I think it makes it iconic but also has a ring of innocence about it. It's so detailed, it looks like a piece of artwork. It's a seriously beautiful skirt but it's Gucci so I don't think it's going to be in my wardrobe anytime soon (haha). I then added an orange rucksack and baseball cap to try and help a theme flow through it.

I think I would wear this outfit to go on a lunch date or maybe to grab a coffee. Either way, I love it so much.

                                                                   Festival fashion
I created this look knowing that I wanted to make something I would wear to a festival like Creamfields, as it's the festival at the top of my list to go to. I love this look. I think it's very simple and pretty, it's very feminine but it's still perfect for a festival look. I think the shorts are adorable, I love how they have the detailing at the top - I've never seen that on a pair of shorts before and I really feel it makes all the difference. I decided that the colour I wanted to run throughout the outfit was a nude pinky colour hence the pink timberlands, nude glasses and sun hat. My favourite item in this look is the bralette, I'm all about pretty lace bralettes at the moment. They really are a girls best friend, am I right ladies?? I also love the matching flower earrings and necklace. They're gorgeous.

    Night Out
Now this look is probably my favourite out of all the looks that I created. It's just amazing and I would thoroughly enjoy wearing this on a night out. If only (haha). Again, the skirt is Gucci but, isn't is beautiful? It is so detailed, everything from the flowers to the pleats and the studs and the little belt have been thought out very well and you can really tell. The skirt is such a statement that I couldn't pair it with any other patterned pieces cause that would completely clash. So, I thought this simple bralette would be the perfect item to accompany with it - Making the outfit really come together. As you can see, there is gold on the skirt which meant that I had to pick gold jewellery. I love how the jewellery seems to match, especially the choker and earrings.
I just think it's a well coordinated outfit and every fashion girls' dream.
Thank you so much for reading, once again - I really do appreciate it. I would love to hear your thoughts on these outfits. What do you like about them and is there anything you'd change? Or, if you leave a link I will check out your outfits on polyvore.
See you next Tuesday!
- C

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